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EV Smart Charging Designed Solutions

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At Versinetic, we have deep knowledge and expertise in charging point technology, inclusive of OCPP (2.0 & 1.6), software licensing, Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G), EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and Smart Charge Point Communications Controller solutions.

Our extensive embedded electronics experience, means that we’re able to rapidly design and provide innovative solutions for EV charging.



EV Charging Consultancy

Expert advice and design feasibility service
Award-winning engineering and design advice, combining industry knowledge with unique Versinetic charging bloxs of bespoke hardware and software to create an EV smart charging solution to meet your exact needs.

Turning your ideas into designs to de-risk your initial and ongoing investment decisions.

EV Charging Hardware

Supports AC & DC charging points, DC chargers and functions to charge and discharge attached vehicles with load balancing.

Our EVSE product can be adapted with additional functions (e.g. thermometer, accelerometer, IR movement detector, RFID reader, speaker, LEDs, LCD display screen, pin control, etc.)


OCPP & Software Licensing

Need Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 2.0 & 1.6) software? 

An application solution to communicate with your back office cloud server?

A local controller?

We can provide these for you – get in touch


Versinetic is here to help you create highly reliable charger systems that are both intelligent and flexible

We provide technologies and design services for you to create your own branded EV chargers

We create unique and bespoke solutions to optimise your charging network and smart charging infrastructure

Our range of unique hardware and software charging blox reduce development time and cost, accelerate designs and reduce time-to-market

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to

Expert EV Charging Solutions

Smart Charging
& Power Controllers

OCPP & Local Controller


  • Award-winning advice, hardware, and software for bespoke EV charging solutions
  • Future proof, standards-based and compliant smart charging design solutions
  • Versinetic Bloxs reduce your development time, time to market and cost
  • Feasibility studies help you understand your project and reduce its risk
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 & 2.0 with industry aligned roadmap
  • Agile and iterative development using the latest techniques and frameworks
  • Flexible pricing that aligns with a start and grow rapid go-to-market model

Tailoring our electronic communications controller, charger boards, software and intellectual property to rapidly create next generation smart charge point solutions

Create your Smart EV Charging Solution

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