MANTARAY Smart Charge Point Communications Controller

Apply to New or Existing Systems

Uses Standard OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 to Maximise Compatibility

AC and DC Chargers

MantaRay Smart Charge Point Communications Controller Board

Welcome the future of EV Charging Systems with this compact communications controller board.

MantaRay offers seamless control of your charging station, managing all aspects of a charge point using the Open Charge Alliance Protocols for maximum compatibility.

Use MantaRay to manage AC and DC Charge Points with OCPP 1.6 or 2.0 and your own back-office solution. Versinetic offers complete versatility, and therefore will support you in either integrating this technology into your own systems, or in building a completely bespoke solution using our own charging blox.

Our expert design team is ready to provide a full range of design and support services in order to rapidly bring your solution to market.

Explore our full range of products and services – our charging blox will enable you to build a full EV charging specification – we’re sure there’s a Versinetic solution for you:

Charging Blox

Save Time and Money with this all-in-one Solution

MantaRay doesn’t just offer smart control, but a complete, expert support service to ensure your requirements are fully met.

Versinetic engineers have been producing charging systems for 10 years, including a fully integrated V2G system. MantaRay is culmination of this experience into a adaptable, powerful board that provides reliable control over payment, authorisations, load-balancing and more.

Whether you’re upgrading your current chargers, or producing a brand new solution, MantaRay future-proofs you and your customers, with advanced smart charging control for multiple charging sockets per board.


Feature Overview

Small single board computer

Can be applied to new and existing EV chargers

One MANTARAY can control multiple EELs

Communicates with a back office using OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 (updating to 2.0.1)

Works with both AC & DC Chargers

Can be remotely controlled via web interface


Download the MantaRay Datasheet for the full specification


MANTARAY Smart charge point communications controller


MANTARAY in Action

MANTARAY controls the charging cycle Using either OCPP 1.6 or 2.0 and instructs the charger as to when and by what rate to charge or even discharge (only with supporting DC chargers).

MantaRay handles identification and authorisation and can be connected to RFID readers. It communicates directly to the CSMS (Back Office) or BEMS (Building Energy Management System) to allow for local load balancing of the power.

MantaRay also communicates to a BEMS directly without going though the cloud for low latency local control.

This can be particularly useful for DC chargers that also allow bi-directional power transfer to load balance the supply network under dynamic conditions.

MantaRay Smart Charge Point Communications Controller

Why choose MANTARAY Smart Charge Point Communications Controller for your EV charging system?

MANTARAY works with both AC charge points and DC chargers.

MANTARAY uses open standards (OCPP) – a non-proprietary communications protocol that can be used with any supporting Charging System Management Service (CSMS or Back office).

MANTARAY controls the charge rate of the charger via a combination of wireless and/or wired communications platforms of your choice. Expand MANTARAY’s features – use our Charging Blox of modules, software and support to meet your spec.

MANTARAY supports all methods of secure authentication.

What makes a charge point smart? It’s ability to communicate.
MANTARAY’s communications abilities can be configured to suit your bespoke product requirements.

MANTARAY supports displays from 2.7″ to 10″

smart charge point controller pcb

Our Expertise

Our technical experts can help you optimise your project to give you the best opportunity to accelerate to market. Their previous experience includes developing electric vehicle charge posts for the London Olympics and creating communications modules and mobile apps for a Vehicle-2-Grid V2G system.

Get in touch – talk to us about how our engineers can work with you to ensure your development has a firm foundation for project success.

MantaRay gives you the EV product design advantage

Use Versinetic’s MantaRay board to optimise your EV charging system and accelerate your product development.

MantaRay gives you the EV product design advantage

Use Versinetic’s MantaRay board to optimise your EV charging system and accelerate your product development.

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